Working Orgasm Denial into Your Scenarios

Everyone likes sex. More importantly, everyone likes to cum. That goes without saying. When you first think about it, not being able to cum is probably the last thing you want to subject yourself to. You’ve probably been there in the past with a girlfriend who changed her mind or maybe one who just stubbornly didn’t want to have sex. If you’ve been there, chances are that it’s not a place you particularly want to be again.

That said, orgasm denial is actually better than it sounds. Orgasm denial and the act of being unable to cum until your partner permits you to. As part of BDSM play, it’s just another way for the Dom to exercise control over their sub. When done right, it can not only improve the orgasm but is going to add an extra dimension to the sense of dominance and submission already in play.

Increases the Sense of Dominance and Submission

“It is time to dominate”

For a sub, you’ve already given control of the situation (at least in a certain sense) entirely over to your Dom. Though the sub has the capability to stop the situation at any time through the use of their safe word, the Dom has control of everything during the situation. What better way is there to hand off control of the situation than to put your ability to have an orgasm into your Dom’s hands? When a sub agrees to participate in play that involves orgasm denial, she’s saying that she wants not only the situation to be controlled by her Dom, but her very ability to do what, in most cases,she’s participating for. She’s handing over every shred of control she might have had to her partner and saying that she doesn’t even get to decide when she experiences pleasure. There’s a very heavy meaning in that.

There are no gender specifics or requirements for who can participate in orgasm denial play. Like most aspects of BDSM, the roles are often interchangeable. Women can be teased and stimulated to the point at which an orgasm seems inevitable and then denied as a form of control just as easily as a man could be equipped with a sort of chastity belt to prevent him from being able to cum. What’s going to help you have as much enjoyment as possible out of any sort of BDSM play is realizing that it’s all about taking on a role and playing it to the fullest, but also accepting that those roles can be reversed very quickly should both parties agree to it. From what reviews show, there are a lot of men who aren’t getting the most out of BDSM because they haven’t realized that yet because many scam fetish dating sites are male-centric and tend to rely on the belief that only men can be Doms. That is not true; women can be good Doms as well. You can find them in top fetish dating sites but make sure to avoid scam sites. Visit and read the reviews of the best dating sites to get some new insights on women Doms.

Heightens Pleasure

“Denying her orgasm will make her orgasm harder”

When the orgasm is denied, the pleasure is going to be heightened. It’s simple and easy to see why. When it becomes something the sub has come to want so terribly, it seems amazing when finally given. We aren’t saying that you won’t cum if you aren’t denied it, but we are saying that you’ll be surprised how great it is to cum after being denied it for a while. Men and women alike will tell you how enjoyable it is because it’s not only a physical release but a psychological sense of relief as well. There’s often a sense of accomplishment when a sub pleases a Dom enough and is finally allowed to cum.

If roleplaying is part of your play, orgasm denial tends to be used frequently with teacher and student scenes because of the sense of instruction and obedience. If roleplaying isn’t something that you and your partner have started exploring the possibility of yet, there’s no need to worry. Orgasm denial doesn’t need a specific roleplay scenario to be used. Just a simple Dom and sub situation is enough to reap the benefits of this fun kink.

How to Do It

“Don’t be cruel”

First of all, figure out what you’re doing. Orgasm denial isn’t abstinence and it isn’t an outright refusal to touch your partner. For a sub, it’s about letting your partner have complete control of your pleasure. For a Dom it’s, of course, about taking that control and using it not to truly torture your partner and be cruel, but also as part of the scene you’re playing. Reading up on the practice online will get you far, but if you’d prefer, you could find someone to talk about it with. If you’re lucky enough to be part of a swingers’ group or have friends that are part of the BDSM culture, that’s the best place to start.

A lot of reviews on dating and hookup sites recommend that it’s best to try this particular kink out when you have someone experienced with it to guide you. However, everyone knows that this is a lucky situation and won’t always be possible. If the trying of new practices was limited only with a partner who had a wide amount of experience, couples new to the scene would never try anything new. Simply talking to people to gain an understanding is usually all that’s required.

Be Careful Where You Play

“Choose a legit site only”

There are even sites out there dedicated entirely to this kink but you should make sure that the site is worthwhile so you don’t get caught up in one of several frequent fetish dating scams.If you’re using BDSM-centric alternative dating sites to meet a potential partner, you’ll want to make sure they fit what you’re looking for. If you’d rather be a sub, then you want to be able to filter profiles to look for a Dom and vice-versa. If the site you’re using won’t let you narrow your search range through the use of filters like this it might be wise to choose another site.

Fetish dating scams are everywhere and you want to stay safe and continue actually trying to get laid instead of walk into a situation without being entirely certain what you’re getting into. Nothing will make people more uncomfortable than that, so you want to avoid putting yourself in a situation that’s anything like that. Being careful will make things safe and pleasurable for everyone involved.

As with any type of BDSM play (or any new type of kinky play in general, really) it’s important to discuss everything with your partner beforehand. Gain an understanding of what they want out of the scene and make sure that the two of you are well-versed in what you’re both comfortable and uncomfortable with. Develop a safeword that’s easy to distinguish from anything you might say as part of the scene and make sure it’s understood. There’s nothing worse than a scene that gets ruined, especially when the kink is orgasm denial and a plea to stop is misunderstood as part of the scene when really it is a true request. When you’re aware of what you’re doing and know how to best please your partner, orgasm denial is a kink that’s excellent in low-key control play but can also greatly augment any hardcore BDSM scenes that you and your partner or partners decide to act out.

3 Devices That Help You Control Your Home From Your Smartphone

Today’s smartphone is no longer just for doing business work but it can now be used to do house chores! Do you want to flip off the kitchen lights? Or how about unlocking the door? Or perhaps you want to control the thermostat in your living room? These house chores can now be done with the use of smartphone applications that work with accessories that you can connect with sensors or via internet connection!

Looking back at The Jetsons, we had the idea of instant house chores where meals can be made at the push of a button or where we have video phones and today, it seems that the dream of an automated home from the animated show is fast being realized with today’s smart homes. Today homes can now be controlled with the use of devices that are connected to your smartphone.

The idea of turning off the lights with the aid of a smartphone can sound flashy or gimmicky but today’s modern homes are warming up to the applications. It’s like people already getting used to the convenience of remote controls. Before people would ask why use a remote control for the TV when you can simply get up and change the channel? Progress has made us use application liked products.

to Control Your Home

to Control Your Home

So if you’re looking into making progress in your home and making your house chores simpler and efficient, then let’s look at these three devices that can help you control your home with the use of your smartphone:

1. Want to control your garage door? Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Series are garage door openers that will allow you to operate your garage door from anywhere in the world with the use of your smartphone. It’s a new level of garage door openers that has built-in RF transmitter called MyQ. MyQ is a patented technology that allows communication with other MyQ enabled devices in your home. It allows consumers greater control and security over their home and with this device you can wirelessly open your garage door using your smartphone!

2. Want to feed your pet? The downside of living with pets is the idea of feeding them and having them demand for their meals. Would you want to get out on a vacation, tap on your smartphone and let a machine feed your pets? Pintofeed is a Wi-Fi connected pet feeder that’s changing the pet industry! With the use of your smartphone, you can feed your pets without the need of returning home. The Pintofeed is a device that’s connected to your home’s wireless network and with the use of your smartphone , you can control the food dispenser using the mobile application! Once the message has been sent, Pintofeed sets half-a-cup portion of the dog or cat’s food and it will even send you a notification message that the pet has been fed! Other than dispensing food, Pintofeed can also provide information such as feeding times, pet’s food intake and nutritional habits!

3. Do you want to control the lighting in your home? Sometimes when we’re out at home, we sometimes wonder if we have turned off the kitchen lights or bedroom lights. It would be such as waste of time if we have to take a go back home. Good thing there’s the GreenWave Wi-fi Controlled Led Light Bulbs. This is the lighting solution that allows guys and gals like us to control the lighting in our home from anywhere with the use of our smart phones.

Greenwave Reality has a LED Bulb kit that can be controlled using the application on your smart phone. All you have to do is just screw the bulbs to your existing sockets. After that, you plug in its adapter to the router. It’s easy and you can now remotely control the lightning in your home with the use of your smart phone! You can also pre-configure the lighting set-up in your home. Like take for example, you can control when the light will come on and off.

your smartphone or tablet.

your smartphone or tablet.

Did you find these devices appealing? Head-on now to your nearest home-improvement store or online shopping retailer and maybe you will be able to have the next Jetsons-like smart home!

3 Things To Help You Relax and Show the Real You on A First Date

The girl you have been eyeing for months has finally agreed to go on a date with you and admit it or not no matter how much excitement you have at the moment, there is still that space in you that feels all jittery knowing that anything can happen and you just might blow your only chance of getting a second, third and fourth dates with this woman. Now what you need to do is sit back, relax and take the whole experience in – yup, now you can exhale. You don’t have to worry about a thing, with this article you will not only be able to seal the deal to your next date outs but also to make sure you leave an impression of her wanting to get to know you more.

First is to Relax. Hey buddy, this is only a date. I don’t mean to belittle the dilemma you are in but you are supposed to be enjoying the moment and not stressing you out. Take a long warm bath or book a massage to calm those tense muscles. Remember that this is only your first date meaning you are not even going to propose so why not think of light topics you may want or she may be interested to talk about so you don’t have to suffer dead air once you get all stiff being in front of her. One more thing bud, never forget to flash that charming smile.

It's only the first date.

It’s only the first date.

Second is to make sure everything is covered. No soldier goes out to war unprepared and so should you! Pick out the cuisine, place, restaurant, movie, flowers or anything you need to settle before showing up on her door step. Don’t forget to do research too. Know which place she likes going to, music she can dance with, food she loves to eat, a tea or coffee place she likes to hangout after a sumptuous meal or even her favourite chocolate bar or flowers. Knowing that you were able to fix all these for her would also pump your confidence a little because you know that you’ve come prepared. Besides, you are in for the date of your life right? You wouldn’t want to be caught in a long line and wait for hours before you both can be seated.

Round up Links: First Date

Round up Links: First Date

Third is acceptance that everything happens for a reason. Okay so you’ve got everything covered and still – an unavoidable bump ruins the moment. If what happened was a little too serious for humour, politely apologize and state your intention to make it up to her soon but if it’s not much of a big deal, never underestimate the power to laugh things off. Any girl would appreciate a hearty laugh over some petty mishaps, who knows knowing that you can handle any situation lightly might even secure you a place in her heart.

3 Top Tips to Make Any Resume a Masterpiece

We live in a world that has very little room for second chances especially where jobs are concerned. This means that every job seeker must be top of his game if he is to be the predator that kills all the jobs applied for. A resume gives the impression of the person and making a mistake while drafting one would be the thing that transforms one from predator to prey. The good news is that tables get turned every now and then and one does not have to remain a prey for long. Read on and see what to do to make a resume that will envy the most well known authors.

Make Sure It Serves Its Purpose

A resume is never used to get one a job but to grant one access to the interview for a particular job. Many people make a mistake in this step by writing a resume that is 20 pages long detailing everything of who they are making it boring to say the least. Prospective employees will need just a summary of who an applicant is and their skills to decide whether to call them for an interview or not. Let the contents of the resume be direct and to the point.

It is always very important that the resume mention where the job advertisement was seen in the cover letter as this will make it more credible. Once written and ready to be sent with the relevant attachments, it should be send to only one recipient as stipulated in the advertisement. Copying everyone who works in the firm will guarantee negative results.

In this mini resume writing

In this mini resume writing

Make It Neat and Very Well Organized

A resume may contain all the needed information but how organised it is determines how far the owner will go. Most employers first go through the general layout of the resume just to see how well organized it is. The logic behind this is that a well organised resume means the applicant is organised even in the matters of handling business and work issues.

A resume that is divided into sections with relevant titles helps a lot as far as creating this picture of organization is concerned. The titles should contain relevant information and the details should be laid out in such a way that they lead the reader to the next section. This means that the applicant must give the information in stages and in a manner that makes the reader want to read the next section to get more. It also helps to get a bit creative with the section titles to show creativity as this will tell the reader that they are dealing with someone who will bring creativity in problem solving.

You should also make sure that

You should also make sure that

A Resume Should Always Be Professional

A resume that will net the masterpiece status will have to be professional from the first word to the very last one. To begin with, a resume should not have extremely flashy coloured backgrounds as these depict someone who is not professional. Graphics should be kept out of the resume at all times. On the same note, the e-mail that is being used to send the resume should also show professionalism to support the resume. For instance, and other similar addresses should never be used to send a resume to an office as they show very low levels of professionalism. A positive attitude lifestyle is the best to live. Having positive thinkers around you will always help you have a totally different view of life. It helps make many situations in life become easier to handle. Living positively helps you have a reason to face another day.

Develop Lean and Strong Legs in 3 Easy Exercises

Physiologically speaking, we all know that our legs carry our body. It is important therefore to have strong legs so that we can do different activities. Athletes for example need strong legs to run fast, jump higher or pedal faster. Those who love the outdoors need strong legs to climb mountains, hike down the hill or swim in the river. Even ordinary people need strong legs to perform ordinary tasks. Carrying the baby, driving the kids to school and even climbing up the stairs requires strong legs.

Even if we know that our legs are used in almost activity, most of the time it is the part of the body that receives little attention especially during exercise sessions. Most people focus on the upper part of the body such as the biceps, triceps and the abdomen. The most common reason is that these parts are the most visible. Nevertheless, we must also develop our legs. To those who don’t any exercises that develop the legs, here are some easy exercises that anyone can perform.

  • Squats – are the most common exercises performed to develop the leg muscles. This exercise develops the hamstrings, buttocks, hips, thighs as well as the leg muscles. For those that want to exercise at home, all they have to do is bend backwards until their hips is level with their knees without bending the torso. They can also do squats while holding dumbbells as weight training. Not only does this exercise develop the legs, it corrects the posture and keeps your body lean and healthy.

  • the best squat exercises:

    the best squat exercises:

  • Step ups – if you have stairs at home, this is a relatively easy exercise to perform. To do this exercise you start by trying to lift your leg up one step and follow it with your left leg. You should now be standing on one step. Next lower your right leg back to the original position and do the same on your left leg. Then repeat the same pattern according to your pace. To develop their arm muscles, there are those that carry dumbbells while performing step ups.

  • Leg curls – this is another common leg exercise. You need to lie down flat on your stomach. Then try to bend your legs upwards. Your legs should bend on your knees. You can use your hands to stretch your legs more by pushing it down. There are those that add weights to their ankles area so it will have more resistance. This exercise will develop your thighs, knees and buttocks.

Correct Form Of Leg Curl

Correct Form Of Leg Curl

There are still many exercises out there than can help develop your leg muscles. Most often, they are variations of the squats, step ups and leg curls. Based on these exercises, you can actually develop your legs without going to the gym. But if you want to do the exercises right, you may need to hire a gym instructor to help you perform these exercises. The good thing about these exercises is that they are relatively easy to perform and can be performed right in your own home.

3 Tech Stocks That Promise Investors A Retirement In Luxury

There are many people who invest in the stock market and what these people do is study the behaviours of various stocks in a bid to know where to invest. The technology industry may have not entered the stock market long ago but looking at the statistics at the close of the year, there is so much money in the industry to be made. As expected, there are the top ten companies that guarantee a good return on investment and that is the purpose of this post. Outlined below are three stocks that any investor wants to keep an eye out for as 2013 progresses.


This is one of the latest entrants and it has been labelled as the stock with a lot of promise as far as potential to soar high is concerned. The company is under the leadership of a new CEO and the whole world is watching to see what strategies the firm will employ in order to compete with the giants in the same field. Many people may not be enthusiastic as far as the stocks belonging to Yahoo are concerned but time might prove them wrong not to pay attention. This is a company with a very firm and stable business foundation and this is the reason why experts analyse and predict that its stocks will do amazingly well during the year 2013. As with any new entrant, the wise thing to do would be to watch the stock behaviour and any inkling towards the positive should cement the decision to buy the stocks as a long term investment.

Many global stock market

Many global stock market


Many readers would not rate this article as complete had Apple not got a mention. This is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, tech firms in the world. It would be foolhardy for any investor to dismiss the firm due to the hits it got in the last quarter of 2012. With Steve Jobs passing, the firm is quickly recovering the edge in the communication industry. The stability of its stocks is guaranteed by the fact that the firm is a pioneer in every area of mobile communication. Going with history, Apple has always recovered from every hit and nothing less is expected this time round. As the firm continues to release new and innovative products that almost the whole world clamours to get, Apple stocks will definitely rise again and any investor ought to be ready when it happens.

As a group, technology stocks

As a group, technology stocks


Mention Facebook and what comes to the minds of many is the social site but investors see money whenever they hear of the word. Facebook had a shaky start in initial offering but that is not reason enough to dismiss it. To begin with, the company makes profit on a very consistent basis due to the fact that its clients are global and use the product almost on a daily basis. The firm is helped majorly by the fact that it is a network firm, meaning that one person will influence the joining of many others due to the need to communicate. The value of Facebook stocks is expected to rise in the course of 2013 as the firm is taking a more functional role in network marketing making it more of a powerhouse. This will definitely bring value to $FB.